Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bushfire Recovery

Drove up to Kinglake a couple of weeks ago, via the Hurstbridge Road.  I took a few shots at points where you can pull over, and then remembered that in April 2009, two months after the fires, I had taken some shots from similar vantage points.

The before and afters are what you would expect -  blackened bushland that regenerates after a natural disturbance which although in that case was tragic for the people who were caught up in it, is necessary for recruitment and regeneration in some bushland communities.

The photos show the bush just after the fires and now, and perfectly illustrate this process.

I wonder though with climate change, if we are in for extended drought again, will we keep getting such natural recovery?

Just after the fires:

And now:


  1. amazing transformations - nature is an amazing healer.

  2. When i live Congo, we have also fire in savana, wonderfull foto, intersting article